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Yurt Homes For Sale

Welcome to Texas Yurt Company! We are proud to offer custom built yurts for sale. We have worked hard to combine ancient design with modern quality and standards. Our yurts are built in Wimberley, Texas, the heart of Texas Hill Country. We offer a variety of sizes, styles, and options, including hard windows, vinyl canvas color options, insulation, and snow and wind load packages to support your yurt in any climate. The Yurt Shop has all the available options and pricing. The Photo Page brings inspiration for the yurt home, bed and breakfast, yoga studio, getaway, or campground of your dreams. 

Yurt Interior

The Many Uses of Yurts

The unique circular design of yurts welcomes many different uses. They make great yoga or art studios. They can also be fully finished and furnished for an excellent tiny home option at a very affordable price. When you receive the yurt kit for assembly from us, it will provide you with a beautifully finished blank space to fill with whatever you like. The yurt has become extremely popular as a campground, glamping or Airbnb option because of the affordable pricing and flexibility of the finish. 

What is in A Yurt?

  • The Dome is made from acrylic glass. It is the crown of the Yurt, providing a clear look into the sky above.
  • The Roof is made from waterproof polyester vinyl canvas and is warrantied for 7 years. It is available in a variety of colors.
  • The Compression Ring is the centerpiece of the Yurt. It holds all of the rafters in place through our unique interlocking system, providing optimal stability and design.
  • The Rafters, made from 2×4 or 2×6 boards, carry the weight of the roof and come together to secure the structure.
  • The Tension Cable wraps around the top of the lattice wall and acts as a support for the rafters, providing flexibility and stability to the Yurt.
  • The Lattice Wall, one of the most iconic pieces of the yurt, is a criss cross pattern of lattice called the Khana. It’s strong enough to support the Yurt and flexible enough to create the circle shape.
  • The Fabric Wall is made from the same waterproof polyester vinyl canvas as the roof and provides ample protection from the elements. It is warrantied for 7 years.
  • Hard Glass Windows. Unlike other Yurt kits, Texas Yurt Company kits come with real operable glass windows that can be placed anywhere along the wall.
  • The Door. A standard 36″ pre hung frame comes with your kit, giving you the flexibility to create your own entrance or install a standard door.
  • The Insulation. Our reflective insulation is layered between the interior and exterior canvas and helps to provide optimal climate control.
  • The Interior is lined with a lightweight polyester fabric with a canvas-like surface for a clean, finished look.
Yurt Kit Breakdown
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Engineered Designs for Sustainable Yurts

Each one of our yurt kits is structurally engineered to withstand wind, rain, sun, and snow. Your yurt build will start at the top with your glass dome, a skylight that sits atop our integral center compression ring. The dome brings ample light into the Yurt and offers a great view into the night sky. The center compression ring below the dome is made with a unique interlocking rafter system for easy setup and maximum strength and durability. The rafters are connected by a metal cable which is supported by the outer walls. This allows flexible positioning of the rafters so you can plan the location of your door, windows, or wood burning stove. The lattice side wall, also known as the khana, supports the rafters. It is designed to be strong enough to hold the roof load, but flexible enough to bend into the iconic circular shape of the yurt. One of the unique features of a Texas Yurt Company yurt are the operable Hard Glass Windows. The windows come with premade frames for easy installation and use, and you can customize the number of fully operable windows you would like in your yurt. The interior of the yurt is lined with Tex-Tex, a textured polyester fabric with an appearance similar to canvas. This gives the interior a clean white finish behind the beautiful exposed wood. A layer of reflective insulation is sandwiched between the outer shell and interior wall to give you better climate control for all temperatures. Finally, the yurt is covered in a Vinyl Canvas which comes with a 7 year warranty. The Yurt kit gets wrapped and packed in a shipping container, ready for you to bring it home and experience “Life in the Round”.

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Check out our unique Yurt Shop and browse all the available options for color, style, and size to meet all of your yurt needs. As soon as your order is received we begin putting together your customized yurt kit. This process usually takes about 3 months. Once everything is complete and crated, you can pick it up at the shop or we can ship it anywhere in the United States. 

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